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Personal Profiling Tool

The PAEI profiling is a managerial and work style profiling tool and methodology for assessing individual manager's and employee's natural and job required work styles. This instrument uses a self-reporting methodology based on research findings that individuals respond from their perception of what they believe to be true about themselves and the work around them. Its simplicity is an asset as everyone can understand and apply it. People who have used it found it to be highly accurate and representative of how people really work.


This relates to a managerial behaviour i.e. towards where he/she usually put his/her emphasis or what are his/her most important tasks.


This relates to an individual’s personal motives i.e. towards what means the most to him/her or provide him/her the greatest satisfaction.

Ideally, an individual fits a job perfectly where his/her scores in perceived priorities matches closely to his/her scores in the personal /psychological driving forces.

The report allows one to understand his/her personal profile better and whether the personal profile matches a particular job and also complementing others in a team, be it the individual’s superiors, peers or subordinates.

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